Homes for Sale

Below is a list of our current homes being built and for sale. Please click the address in the description to view each location.


9535 E. Swan Drive - SOLD

9042 E. Tsala Apopka Drive - Magnolia Model SOLD

1451 E. St. James Loop (Citrus Hills Subdivision) - Magnolia II Model

1879 E. St. James Loop (Citrus Hills Subdivision) - Magnolia II Model

312 Clark St. Inverness, Fl. (City Limits) - Baymar Model

1505 St. James Loop Inverness, Fl. - Rosewood Model


197 E. Dusty Ct. (Citrus Hills Subdivision) - Rosewood Modified SOLD

3115 E. Tyrone (Citrus Hills Subdivision) SOLD

5549 N. Highland Park SOLD

283 W. National St. (Citrus Hills Subdivision) SOLD

1634 E. Cleveland St. Hernando, Fl.


7312 S. Irma Pt - Baymar SOLD

Crystal River

9219 N. Cacalia Drive (Crystal Manor) - Glenmar SOLD


129 E. Savoy St. (Kensington Estates) - Magnolia SOLD

1348 N. Ottawa Ave. (2+ Acres directly across from Terra Vista) - Cambridge


5221 W. Stargazer Lane SOLD

Beverly Hills

5957 N. Orchis Terr. Beverly Hills, Fl. (Pine Ridge)

Citrus Springs

1522 W. McNeal Dr. Citrus Springs - Baymar Model

We have a full time realtor on staff to assist our buyer's in site and home selections including interior design and finishes. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.